Make Hundreds and Thousands With Your Writing Using This Method

Make Hundreds and Thousands With Your Writing Using This Method — hands holding hundreds
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We’re all here to make money, right?

And if we can manage to make hundreds and even thousands on this platform, we’ll know we’ve done something right.

I’m here to tell you that it is a possibility. All you need to follow is this method.

Step One: Write Everyday

Write as much as you can every single day. Give yourself the challenge to write a short piece every morning while you have your morning coffee or when you’re on your lunch break.

Writing is a muscle. The more you write the better you’ll write.

Step Two: Join Writing Groups

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Find a community of like-minded writers to bounce ideas off and get feedback on your writing. It’s daunting getting people to critique your work but it helps you get better faster.

Step Three: Get an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone you meet with weekly or on the regular who holds you accountable for your goals. Find one, or many, in your writing groups, or hold an accountability group Zoom session once a month.

Step Four: Join the Medium Partner Program

Once you hit 100 followers on here, apply for the MPP. This is where you can start to monetize some of your writing here.

Step Five: Apply to Write for Content Mills

Content Mills are great for beginners who are writing for free anyway. The pay is low, but you learn a lot by working with them, and you can make more money if you’re fast.

Disclaimer: I don’t recommend content mills once you feel confident in your writing. It’s merely a stepping stone to improve.

Step Six: Apply to Write for Publications

This one isn’t as easy to get accepted when you’re inexperienced. You’ll need a portfolio of good quality work. I recommend having a few folders with different niches you want to write in so it’s faster to apply for jobs. Once you’re accepted you can earn some pretty good money with certain publications.

No Quick Road to Success

Hilly road to success surrounded by trees
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You probably thought this was a hack to make money fast. Sorry.

But if you follow this method, eventually you will start to make hundreds, and maybe even thousands with your writing. It’s inevitable.

Friend, there is no quick road to success, and nobody said this was going to be easy. In fact, writing is one of the hardest careers to choose from because it takes so much to get there, and it’s easy to fall off the wagon.

With will a little hard work, consistency, and determination, you will make hundreds and thousands with your writing.

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Aussie in TX. Compassionate content strategist for B2C. Inquiries Buy me a coffee 👉🏾

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emma jade

emma jade

Aussie in TX. Compassionate content strategist for B2C. Inquiries Buy me a coffee 👉🏾

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