Privileges of Western Culture

Black boy in Africa
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

If you’re reading this, then congratulations, you have internet.

An estimated third of the world’s population has never even used the internet before.

If you live in a western country, then congratulations, you have access to almost anything you want on the internet.

There are a number of countries with strong censorship, banning people from having full access to the internet.

North Korea and China top the list (no surprise, there) for the highest censorship of the internet.

Users are unable to use western social media, watch porn, or use torrents or VPNs*.

And Iran, Belarus, Qatar, Syria, Thailand, Turkmenistan, and the UAE also have very high restrictions on what their citizens have access to online.

If you have a blog or write on platforms like Medium, then congratulations, you’re entitled to an opinion.

There are people in countries who cannot have an opinion.

People who could be sentenced to death for saying the same things that you and I write about on our blog every day.

If you've got unique thoughts, feelings, and style, then congratulations, you’re free to be an individual.

In some countries, people are forced to conform—their behaviors, actions, and thoughts—and suppress and oppress themselves.

Can you imagine a life where you couldn’t be you?

There are still places on Earth where girls can’t go to school.

Yet in Western cultures, we see parents who don’t prioritize or value their children’s education.

I wrote this short piece because I read a Medium article on freedom of speech, and how “we’re all entitled” to have opinions. And it really made me think.

No. We’re not all free or entitled to an opinion.

In fact, many are not.

You are privileged. You are lucky.

So many wish they had your life. Your liberties and freedom.

Please don’t forget that.




Aussie in TX. Compassionate content strategist for B2C. Inquiries Buy me a coffee 👉🏾

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emma jade

emma jade

Aussie in TX. Compassionate content strategist for B2C. Inquiries Buy me a coffee 👉🏾

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